Maria's Story

Pushing Away Clouds of Anxiety and Depression 

I was in desperate need of discovering my self and why I was living in my prison of depression and anxiety. I started into a course of therapy, and was taken back into time and made quite a few discoveries and epiphanies. And many long-elusive answers came to me. It was exciting, scary, interesting, maddening but never was I afraid.

My therapist didn't just give me answers, she made me work through them. It was up to me to find the answers. This wasn't work but an education of my self, my relationships and the relationships I either created or destroyed around me.

Once I could push away those clouds that fogged my reality and could see a road to a happier and healthier life, I knew how stay on the right path to making healthy choices.

"Gaining the courage to meet your "self"
is the reward of a lifetime."

Working with therapy, meeting it half way, really listening and, above all, gaining the courage to meet your "self" is the reward of a lifetime. When I first entered into therapy, I took baby steps. But soon I found the life I had always envisioned.

Now, several years have passed and I am no longer in regular therapy. Still, I continue to meet with my therapist from time to time to talk over various events and relationships in my life.

About Maria's Story

Maria's Story is an actual testimonial from a client. The name has been changed to preserve the client's privacy. It is hoped that the story will offer insight, hope and encouragement to others who may be experiencing similar incongruities in their lives.

Thank you, Maria, for sharing your story.