Finding Mr. or Ms. Right

Are you seeking to be in a relationship,
but it's not happening? 

You've been introduced to friends of your friends. You've been set up on blind dates. You've even tried the on-line matching Web sites.

You've looked in all the usual places. You've inquired at your workplace. You've explored singles groups in your church. You've participated in community activities. Family, friends and co-workers have arranged gatherings to introduce you to other single people.

And yet, you've not met that partner of whom you've been dreaming.

Don't settle out of desperation

As you expend increasing time and energy in searching and exploring all the avenues to meet the right person, unknowingly, what also increases, is your own frustration, anxiety, sadness, and growing despair. Unaware of these feelings, they begin to color your world, your judgement and your insight.

It is in that sub-optimal emotional state where you may find yourself compromising your standards. Abandoning your own good judgment you may end up making a choice that is less than you deserve. It's called settling out of desperation and it can lead to a lifetime of regret.

Your experiences shape your reality

It has been said, that at any given time in one's life, we are the sum total of our experiences. Who you are today, where you are today, is the end result of all your life's experiences that have brought you to this point in time. Your past relationships, for better or worse, will affect your current search for that dream partner. Consciously or subconsciously, you will be making comparisons between every new prospect you meet and your past spouse(s), boyfriends or girlfriends.

In addition to your past romantic relationship experiences, your platonic friendships and family relationships, those with your friends, co-workers and family members, will also have an influence in your pursuit of Mr. or Ms. Right. These people are important in your life.

Your family, friends, and co-workers mean well when they offer their advice to you but they are quite unaware of the little negativisms that they may be passing along to you as well. Their influence is so subtle, so automatic, you are not conscious of how they will also affect your thinking about selecting a potential partner. Once again, these influencers may induce you to settling upon a partner who ends up being the wrong match.

The role that therapy can play

Therapy is a practical tool that has made the crucial difference for untold numbers of people seeking to achieve relationship success. Working with a therapist, you will examine your past experiences and come to understand how they have shaped your thinking. You will discover what it is about yourself that's getting in the way of finding your ideal partner. You will learn how your underlying feelings are sabotaging the very thing you want, a healthy mate.

Inspired by these new insights, you can now discard thoughts and actions that are getting in your way. You are thus freed to develop new patterns of relating that will be effective and bring positive results. It may not happen overnight. But from your very first meeting you will find yourself cheered by the fact you are finally taking a positive step forward.

In my therapy practice I have had the joy of working with hundreds of single people who became empowered through this process to change their relationship anxiety to relationship success. Many have moved forward to forge strong, committed, loving relationships with their ideal partner.

Are you ready to begin?

If the moment has arrived where you have decided to take action and begin the process that can change your life, I invite you to send me a message or call now: 626 571-0077. I will get back to you promptly.