Elizabeth's Story

The loosening grip of the only
meaningful relationship she ever had 

I never thought I'd be looking for a therapist. When you go as a kid because your mom says you misbehave, as I did, you come to detest the idea of paying someone to listen to your feelings.

But when I began to sense the loosening grip of the only relationship that ever really meant anything to me, I became desperate. My tension and anxiety grew, and with it so did the gap between my partner and myself. I knew I had to do something.

I asked around and scoured the internet for a therapist that felt right for me. When I picked up the phone to schedule an appointment I was nervous, embarrassed, and desperate, all of which I'm sure I conveyed in my quivering, cracking voice. A date and time was set. Looking back, I see how that simple, first step was therapeutic.

The change that therapy brought
to my life is priceless.

Nervous about therapy

Being a gay twenty-something, I was naturally nervous on whether or not the therapist would turn out to be a good fit. Those worries were soon laid to rest. The change that therapy brought to my life is priceless. We pinpointed the root of my anxieties on the first day. From there came nothing but solutions for my personal growth and interpersonal relationships.

If your idea of a therapist is the off-putting vision of someone sitting there asking you how you feel and analyzing every breath you take, know, it isn't like that. A therapist, more than anything, is more of a sounding board and guide. My therapist was non-judgmental, curt when needed, bold, compassionate, and fun. I found I was guided into finding the best way to handle situations while above all things preserving my sense of self.

Relationship now stronger and better than ever

Thanks to my therapy experience, I am a more secure person, and my relationship is stronger and better than ever, come what may.

About Elizabeth's Story

Elizabeth's Story is an actual testimonial from a client. The name has been changed to preserve the client's privacy. It is hoped that the story will offer insight, hope and encouragement to others who may be experiencing similar incongruities in their lives.

Thank you, Elizabeth, for sharing your story.