Couples Communication: Is What You're Saying No Longer Working?

Trying to communicate when your partner doesn't get it 

you and your partner can learn to communicate effectively

After all the joy you had together, you never thought it would come to this: the bickering, the disagreeing over little things, the growing distance, the loneliness.

At the onset, it seemed so easy to keep what you had, but once the reality of day-to-day living set in, you began to realize that maintaining the relationship you thought you had was not that simple.

It is a fact that the greater the differences in how you and your partner think, communicate, relate, the greater the chances you will end up arguing, having problems, not finding any solutions. If these differences have not been addressed, or you thought they'd somehow take care of themselves, that only means trouble in paradise!

The more you know yourself, how your thinking guides how you talk to your partner, and how it directs your actions in relating to them, the better they will be able to respond to you.

As we work together, you will learn about the facets of your temperament, and how they dictate how you relate to your partner. You will discover what influences you to speak and act the way you do that is not working with your mate. You will experience connecting with your partner in a far more meaningful way than you did at the beginning of your relationship.

Individual or Couples Therapy?

Some times a couple will come in together to work on their relationship coping skills, but not always. Many times, just one of the partners feels the need–and the motivation–to seek help. In such a case, it is certainly hoped that the partner is supportive of the process. If that is the case, we may well invite the partner to come as a guest to one or more therapy sessions during the course of treatment. In my experience this leads to very positive results.

Are you ready to begin?

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