Life Changing Counseling with Gerry Fagoaga

Dear Clients, Colleagues and Friends,

It has been a joy for the past 26 years to be a companion to so many wonderful clients on their journey to wholeness in their lives.

Now I have decided that, as of May, 2018, it's time that I pursue my own life's journey. That is why I am no longer seeing clients and I am in the process of winding down my practice.

If you are a former client, please feel free to call or email me so I may assist you in finding another therapist that will meet your needs.

May you continue to make healthy choices on your life's path to bring you deep fulfillment, genuine love, and true peace and joy.

Meet Gerry

Gerry Fagoaga, MFT, has helped literally hundred of single adults and married couples achieve rich, satisfying relationships. Gerry Fagoaga, MFT

With more than 20 years in practice, you can take advantage of Gerry's experience and gentle, supportive therapy style to make life course corrections and achieve the relationship happiness you have wanted. [ read more about Gerry ]


Serving Southern California clients from offices in South Pasadena

Gerry has seen clients who live or work in virtually all the cities of the San Gabriel Valley, as well as from cities as far north as Oxnard and as far east as Claremont. Therapy sessions are conducted at Gerry's South Pasadena offices. [ map & directions ]

Let's Talk

If what you're doing is not succeeding, If what you've tried to fix is still broken, If you’re reached your limit and want to be able to discover a path to achieving a loving, healthy relationship, then let's talk.

Call Gerry today to take your first step on your journey to finding that fulfilling relationship you deserve! [ Contact Gerry ]

Single Adults Seeking to Connect

Can't Seem to Find Mr. or Ms. Right?

Are you seeking to be in a relationship, but it's not happening?

You've been introduced to friends of your friends. You've been set up on blind dates. You've even tried on-line matching. Yet, you've not met the person of your dreams.

It can be very frustrating, trying to find the right person, the ideal partner, among so many that are not. Yet for most of us, finding that partner is one of life's highest and most urgent callings.

Let me offer you a word of encouragement: yes, you can achieve relationship success! Guided through counseling to a new awareness of what you're doing that isn't working, you can bring about life-changing results and achieve your relationship goal. I have personally seen it happen for hundreds of clients. It can happen for you.  [ read more ]

Effective Couples Communication

Is What You're Saying Not Working?

Do you feel you're tried everything, and yet your partner doesn't get it?

you and your partner can learn to communicate effectively

After all the joy you had together, you never thought it would come to this: bickering, disagreements over little things, growing distance, loneliness.

Being in a successful relationship is no simple task. It takes effort. It takes skill. Naturally, all of us face some good times, and then some bad times. But when those bad times feel overwhelming, you can learn some new techniques to find your way back together.  [ read more ]

Repairing a Broken Relationship

Are You Trying to Fix Your Partner?

Has everything you've tried failed?

You thought you were doing all the right things. Everything between you seemed to be going well. Your partner seemed happy and contented. Then one day that changed. Your partner's sense of commitment to the relation diminished and you don't know why.

You feel confused. You can't seem to do anything right. Everything you say only seems to make things worse. You feel helpless and alone.

Take a deep breath. Relationships are not easy, and they all have their ups and downs. Here's the good news: relationship skills can be learned. You can change your life. Learning new ways to relate can bring you and your partner back together.  [ read more ]

Taking Action

Are You Ready to Take the First Step?

thinking about taking action

Perhaps you have been thinking about your relationship struggles for a long time. You may have read books on the subject and talked with friends. But nothing has changed.

Structured, professional relationship counseling with a licensed therapist is often a wise decision. Over a practice spanning 20 years, I have helped hundreds of ordinary individuals achieve healthy, loving relationships. If what you've tried to fix is still broken, if you want to be able to happily reconnect with your partner, then please call or write to me today.